Month: March 2019

Intentional Noodling

Some more intentional noodling here. Trying at times to have a vocal phrasing while keeping the strings singing 👼.


2 little blues-tinged pieces here 🎶. Trying to be clean as possible while being mindful of the vibrato’s width and speed when using it.

Slow and Melodic on an ESP PH-600

Here’s some slow, melodic playing on an ESP PH-600.

First Vid for IGTV

Here’s some intentional noodling on the gold-top Wolfgang – If you enjoy my stuff, please like and follow. I’ll be posting 3 or 4 times weekly going forward. ✌️💪🎸 Thank you! – Rob

A Little Composition

When having fun 🤪 like this, I usually try to create a little composition. This Peavey Wolfgang’s tone really makes this kind of piece shine! ✨

Letting the Fingers Fall

Letting the fingers fall where they will here (a bit). Sometimes they fall in familiar places, and sometimes they fall in uncharted ways. 🚀

2 Parts

If you create a thing, and it comes out differently than YOU intended, it does not mean that it isn’t perfect. 💎  

Throwback Thursday Pics

Here are some gig pics of me from 1988 – 1990 at various locations in / around Portland Oregon. Starry Night (now Roseland Theater), Pine Street Theater, Satyricon (closed in 2010). Good times!

Slinky melody…

Slinky melody followed by an Eastern blast 🙉

Left Hand Only Work

Just a little left hand only work here – except for that tap there right at the end ☝️

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