Month: March 2019

Throwback Thursday Pics

Here are some gig pics of me from 1988 – 1990 at various locations in / around Portland Oregon. Starry Night (now Roseland Theater), Pine Street Theater, Satyricon (closed in 2010). Good times!

Slinky melody…

Slinky melody followed by an Eastern blast 🙉

Left Hand Only Work

Just a little left hand only work here – except for that tap there right at the end ☝️

39 year guitar playing anniversary

Today is my 39 year guitar playing anniversary. I started playing guitar on March 2nd 1980. Here’s me in 1984 (19 years old). Less hair and more beef now, but the passion for playing has only increased through all of these years. I still have this guitar!

Let’s get this going

Here’s a nice melodic piece to kick off my new guitar channel. I hope you enjoy it! Rob…

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