Month: August 2019

Stream of Consciousness

“Stream of consciousness” playing here – an exercise I use often to expand my musical vocabulary. The goal is to rely as little as possible on stuff that is worked out ahead of time, and just play – connecting the musical dots as it makes sense in the moment. 👍🎸

Subdued chords and Big Muff Tone

A minute and a half of varied playing here. Dropped in some subdued 👼 chordal stuff with a Big-Muff 👌 tone in places.

Fiery and Pretty

Here’s a short piece that starts with a kind of fiery 🧨Em thing, and ends with a pretty 🎶 Gmaj thing.

Inspired by the Outdoors

Here’s a 2-plus minute outdoor 🦅 inspired session from my most recent recording. A mix of different techniques in this one.

Into Nature!

Out of the studio and into nature 🌲 for this short piece!

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