July 4th Fireworks

A little 6-string fireworks 🎇 for Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!

A Little Quicky

A short clip here. Not too much picking going on!

Eastern + Intervals

A little piece with a slight Eastern 🐍 sound and a couple interesting intervals.

Brevity is Beautiful

Here’s an exercise, or way of playing – trying to avoid doing any one technique or tonality for very long consecutively – keeping all the phrases pretty brief. This helps me develop an improvising toolbox of sorts. Connecting shorter phrases can give some needed variety during longer sections also.

Slower Melodic Piece

Here’s a slower melodic 🎶 piece recorded recently.

3 and 1

Here’s 3 little burners 💥 and 1 longer composition 🎶 at the end. Odds and ends from recent recordings.

Loop 0001

I REALLY love 💙 looping! Here is one – Loop 0001.

Fast is Fun.

Playing fast 💨 is always fun 😁

Moody Little Piece

Here’s a recent spontaneous ✨piece I like the mood of.

Melodic and Sloppy on the Korean Wolfgang

Here’s a little playing on the Korean Wolfgang. Getting a little sloppy 😒 at the end on this one, but fun 🤣 even though.

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