3 and 1

Here’s 3 little burners 💥 and 1 longer composition 🎶 at the end. Odds and ends from recent recordings.

Loop 0001

I REALLY love 💙 looping! Here is one – Loop 0001.

Fast is Fun.

Playing fast 💨 is always fun 😁

Moody Little Piece

Here’s a recent spontaneous ✨piece I like the mood of.

Melodic and Sloppy on the Korean Wolfgang

Here’s a little playing on the Korean Wolfgang. Getting a little sloppy 😒 at the end on this one, but fun 🤣 even though.

Slow and Melodic on Gold Top Wolfgang

A minute of some slow, melodic playing 🎶. Trying to compose a piece of music and use the fingers to create a pleasant distorted tone here.

Using the Whole Neck

Here’s a section where I’m trying to use the whole neck in a musical 🎶 way.

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